Privacy and GDPR

This website doesn’t collect any information from its visitors, and the only reason it leaves cookies (small text files) on your computer is because it has been created in WordPress. You are welcome to adjust the settings in your browser to disable cookies, and it won’t affect your ability to use this site.

In order to do my work efficiently as a website designer, I hold personal details for my clients and website login details in order to be able to help you quickly .. but I hold this data securely and you are very welcome to ask me to remove it from my records at any time. I do not disclose your data to other parties without your express permission. If you have any concerns at all in this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As far as the GDPR compliance of your own businesses is concerned, I do not claim any responsibility, although I am very happy to help you update your website to help in your compliance if you request this from me. 

Charlotte Duff