My background

Charlotte DuffAfter university, I qualified as a teacher and then taught maths for 2 years in a mixed ability comprehensive school.  Although I loved  it,  I felt that I should work in the real world for a bit before settling down to my teaching career.  But of course, I found all sorts of other opportunities and consequently have never looked back.

I worked in IT for the next 11 years, both in the private and public sectors, as a programmer and technical support consultant. After the birth of my second son, and as my new-millennium resolution, I decided to try and develop a much more flexible career. Web design seemed the ideal choice – it was new, exciting and creative.  Best of all, I could easily work from home around the children.

Fast forward to now and I have a thriving business creating websites for local small businesses and freelancers. I am also data manager for a scientific group based at University College London.  Even though my sons have now grown up,  I still enjoy the freedom to maintain a healthy work life balance.


BSc Hons Mathematics (University of Southampton, 1985)
PGCE Mathematics (University of Southampton, 1986)
MSc Information Technology (University College London, 1989)
Advanced CSS (Webcredible, 2013)
Advanced Microsoft Access (Best STL, 2014)
Responsive Design (Web Design Academy, 2015)

Of course, it is now possible to teach yourself  technical skills using materials freely and/or very cheaply available on the internet. I do this all the time  and none of that is listed here. The courses shown above are simply the official teacher-led classroom courses I have attended.


I live in Teddington with my partner Bill, our two sons (in and out), two cats and a dog.  I cycle everywhere and enjoy swimming, running and singing.