Website support and aftercare

For any changes to your website, simply contact me by email.
For more details about my aftercare services, please read here – website aftercare.

When I cannot be contacted…

If you have an urgent problem and cannot get a response from me, please read this page first. If you still need help, please do one or all of the following:

  • contact me by email putting the word URGENT in the subject line
  • phone your hosting company for advice (see links below)
  • contact one of the IT support consultants at bottom of this page

Hosting Company system status pages:

Use these to see if there is a general server problem at your host. If the web hosting is in your own name, you will be able to contact them with support queries yourself. Note that I will not have access to your details if I am away from my office.

Help – my website is down!

I always say to people don’t worry, go and make a cup of coffee and check again in half an hour. In 95% of cases, you will find its all OK again (that statistic is made up by me, but you get the picture). If not, then first thing to do is check it’s not your own internet connection, or your own machine. Clear your browser history and try again. Then try on another machine or on your phone. If still not working, check your hosting company status page to see if it is a general server problem (see above).

If still not working, contact me, telling me any error messages you are getting.

Help – my email’s not working!

Important – try logging on to your email via webmail on the server. Do a test send and receive (you can simply send a message to yourself). If it works OK then the problem is on your computer/phone and not the server.

Most likely it will be a problem with your internet, so wait for half an hour and then try again. If you are still sure it isn’t working, do a few tests before calling me so that you can tell me whether it is SEND or RECEIVE that isn’t working (or both). Check your website to see if that is working. If emails are bouncing back with an error message, please write the message down so you can tell me. The more information I have, the more likely it will be that I can help you.

It is almost impossible to solve intermittent issues, so if you have a problem that is happening just now and again, please keep a log of the times it happens and collect as much information as possible.

If still not working, check your hosting company status page (see above)

If you still have a problem and cannot get hold of me, please call an IT support consultant. I can recommend these two highly:

Suzanne Miller – 07876 222498

David Charles – 07960 414921

General note about my emergency support and advice

I am only me, and so I obviously cannot offer 24/7 support! And I do not work on websites full time as I also do other software consultancy projects. However, if you read my testimonials you will see that I am known for my quick response times and willingness.. so if I can help you, I will.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, although I will always do my best, you must always be aware that situations can happen that might be out of my control .. for example complex hacking incidents or companies going out of business. Whilst I try and put systems in place to prevent and/or minimise the impact of such events, I definitely don’t guarantee to prevent them, nor to be able to fix them at a speed of your choice. If your business requires a more comprehensive service than this, then you should invest in a dedicated IT infrastructure.